(2005) Suhr Standard Rootbeer (Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard) Autographed by Guthrie Govan (SOLD)

  • Year: 2005
  • Manufacturer: Suhr
  • Model: Standard
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Rootbeer
  • Condition: Mint

Here's an awesome guitar. This guitar is bears the identical specs to the Suhr Standard that was owned by Guthrie Govan. You CANNOT order it to this spec anymore, since Suhr now uses a different style bridge. This has the former.

The fretboard is Brazilian rosewood and the neck is birds eye maple. If you're a fan of Guthrie - you'll know that despite his favorite tonewood "\m/" being Mahogany, he has finally settled on the idea that Basswood for the body causes less fluctuations during his travelling and getting the guitar to acclimate in its different environments.

The guitar features "Jay's Special Notebook" wiring which is featured on all the Suhr's built for Guthrie. It was also autographed on the back by Guthrie and the headstock bears John Suhr's signature. This guitar is impeccable.

The infamous Youtube videos (Fives and Larry Carlton Style) features a similar spec-ed guitar - although, that wasn't Guthrie's own guitar.

Check out the video on how Jay's Special Notebook wiring works.


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